EPIC provides research-based and evidence-informed year-round programming in:

  • Parenting Education
  • Youth Services
  • Family Engagement in Education
  • Professional Development

EPIC’s parenting curricula are all grounded in current research and utilize evaluation and research designs to illustrate the success of their replication and to demonstrate effectiveness in creating positive change in parents’ abilities to impact their children’s development. Evaluation and research on EPIC's parenting programs has consistently found a positive impact on parents and consequently, on their children.

Our family engagement work strives to achieve improvements in standards-based systemic planning by schools and districts and provides services for parents that support the academic success of their children. EPIC’s family engagement model also helps to build the parents’ capacity to be advocates and leaders for their children, the school, and the community.

While EPIC focuses primarily on parents, we also offer workshops in developing character in students, Pre-K through 8th grade; and social, emotional and life skills workshops for teens.