Just For Me


Teenagers, especially those living in poverty, face multiple daily challenges. When unable to cope appropriately, these challenges can lead adolescents into depression, insecurity, academic failure and a loss of hope for the future.


In October 2015 the Buffalo Public Schools conducted a district-wide survey that revealed BPS students are at a higher than normal risk of suicide attempts, engaging in physical fights, marijuana use, unprotected sex, skipping breakfast and sedentary behavior. They also reported increased carrying of weapons, steroid use and screen time. 


So in 2015, EPIC piloted Just For Me. This teen class is a non-judgmental environment, allowing for the development of trust between the participants and the facilitator. Just For Me provides a program structure that addresses the needs of teens, specifically those living in more impoverished areas. The programs are tailored to the needs of the audience. Our goal is to provide a positive experience for the teen to focus in them and to result in a positive impact on the teen’s life.

The 2021 series of Just For Me is a true collaboration, as the teen participants are are weighing in on what they need in today's world. The current workshops include

  • watching the Netflix documentary Bully
  • Communication Skills: nonverbal vs.verbal, or communication, or being assertive vs. passive aggressive 
  • EPIC's Tech Savvy workshop and how what you put online today can affect both your present and future 
  • Career Planning: a resume workshop and acing the interview with SUNY ATTAIN 
  • Setting Goals: personal, professional and more 
  • Credit Workshop with Consumer Credit Counseling Service 
  • Learning Your Body: pronouns, sexuality, peer pressures, gender roles and more 
  • Resolving Conflicts 
  • Celebrating Me: honoring your growth and accomplishments 

The workshops are all in person and for any teenager that is struggling academically, socially, personally or in any combination of ways. If you are a teen between 13-17, please feel free to learn more about Just For Me by e-mailing Program Coordinator Alyssa Derwin at [email protected]