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hile the internet and social media can be extremely useful tools for young adults/teens and their parents, these “apps,” instant messaging, chat rooms, texts, emails, and social networking sites can also cause anxiety and danger for children and their parents. Because technology changes daily, EPIC works to share knowledge with parents so that they may make informed decisions. This 60 minute workshop will provide fundamental information and practices for students and parents about how to protect themselves and their children from internet and social media dangers and drama. The workshop can be offered for groups fewer than 50, or in a larger assembly type setting for over 50 participants. The target audience is 5th grade and older students, parents or students and parents together. Each workshop can be delivered at a site of the customer’s choice and offers sufficient time for questions and answers.


Workshop Goals:

  • Improve understanding of general online rules, overview and social media safety
  • Increase parental confidence that they are acting to protect the child from harm
  • Increased skill in identifying and reporting concerns to appropriate authorities
  • Improve understanding of where to find other resources available from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), law enforcement and other sources
  • Improve parents’ ability to talk to their child about online expectations and techniques for monitoring their child’s digital spaces
  • Improve a child’s ability to use the Internet effectively, how to talk to their friends about privacy and what you need to know to be safe

"Thank you EPIC for a very informative and eye-opening presentation. Our parents truly appreciated the personal connections made and the individualized Q&A. Given all that our children can be exposed to and all the potential risks that they can expose themselves to, this presentation was not only timely but invaluable. We are looking forward to additional presentations.”

~ Colleen Klimchuck, principal, East Aurora Central Schools