Ready, Set, Parent!

Ready, Set, Parent! (RSP!) is an EPIC national award-winning parenting program. Program content focuses on babies’ social-emotional health and development.  The overall purposes of the RSP! program is to reduce the risk for child abuse and neglect, and help parents possess the parenting tools and skills to raise their children to become responsible adults.

Parenting is the most important job in a child’s upbringing but can also be the most challenging. There are no training requirements, little recognition, and not enough attention on building the necessary parenting skills prior to birth. This leaves many parents, especially those of the underserved populations, without skills, support systems, access to resources, and mental & physical wellness tools to ensure their children become responsible, and successful adults.

Ready, Set, Parent! Components:

  • EPIC collaborates with obstetric offices, hospitals, doulas. and community-based organizations to promote and market the Ready, Set, Parent! program, especially to families in their third trimester of pregnancy.
  • Interested participants will be enrolled into the RSP! program and participate in 10 weeks of group sessions consisting of other soon to be parents. During these sessions, learning topics include:
    • Knowing Yourself as a Parent
    • Tuning into Your Child
    • Taking Care of Yourself
    • Helping Your Child to Cope
    • Learning to Talk
    • Brain Development
    • Learning Through Play
    • Promoting Literacy in Your Child
    • Additional topics sessions may cover Communicating with Doctors, Advocating for Your Child, and Taking Care of Yourself.


In addition to the above sessions, parents will be offered the following opportunities:

  • Two 1-hour Dr. Talks on Infant Sleep/Nutrition and Safety/Childhood Illnesses.
  • A one-hour Newborn workshop which will consist of a diverse group of parents answering the participants relevant questions about babies and parenthood.
  • Two short one-on-one follow-up sessions during first 3 months post-partum to determine any additional needs and to connect them to appropriate additional resources.
  • A virtual community resource event, and/or our annual Baby and Toddler Expo.
  • A car seat safety class and if needed, will receive a free car seat for their newborn.


Through an in-depth partnership with the University of Buffalo’s School of Social Work, Ready, Set, Parent! is the subject of an ongoing 4-year longitudinal quasi-experimental research project. Results have shown that participants who engage in Ready, Set, Parent! at a high level interacted more with their children, had higher parental confidence, higher parental self-efficacy, and realized better outcomes for their children. Children of participants also score higher on a nationally standardized examination across five developmental domains: cognitive, language, gross motor, fine motor, and personal/social.

  • Across the board, children of participants evaluated scored above the national mean approximately 77.5 % of the time. 
  • ​75% of parents demonstrate increased literacy and parenting knowledge and confidence, and a decreased feeling of isolation.
  • 90% of parents participating in the Dr Talks report that the presentation promoted a positive change in attitude toward parenting their children.
  • 97% of parents participating in the Dr Talks stated that the information in these workshops will help them to positively modify their behavior toward their children.


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For more information, please contact Jamie Rackl, EPIC's Director of Family Engagement and Professional Development, at 716-332-4140 or [email protected]


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