Families in Transition

Support for families overcoming obstacles



Families in Transition (FIT) is a program designed to help parents in Erie and Niagara Counties facing a variety of challenges. FIT helps parents acquire the parenting skills and knowledge they need to be a positive influence in the lives of their children. Since 2001, EPIC has facilitated the Families in Transition program to thousands of parents, helping them retain or regain custody, while improving their ability to positively enhance their children’s future.



Parents have always sought support in raising their children, regardless of their socioeconomic position or culture. Some families need only basic information and access to community resources to succeed. Other families are overburdened by poverty, lack of employment and education, homelessness, physical and cognitive limitations, domestic violence, mental health challenges, or drug and alcohol abuse. These families need more intense and targeted education and support to keep their children safe and thriving.



  • Serves parents who are referred by the courts or community agencies, as well as parents who are seeking support on their own to help them overcome personal challenges that interfere with being effective parents
  • Intensive parenting program (6 three-hour sessions or 12 one and a half hour sessions) with a highly effective delivery model that is complemented with supportive services
  • Sessions are interactive, engaging and led by a trained and certified facilitator
  • Group discussions, which are confidential, focus on a variety of topics such as parenting, literacy, emotional growth, communication, non-violence



  • Bolster parents’ confidence, attitude, and knowledge while eliminating feelings of isolation
  • Promote positive parenting skills
  • Improve parent-child relationship and family cohesion and decrease family conflict
  • Increase parental involvement in their child’s education
  • Reduce risk of family stress that could lead to child abuse and neglect


Program Topics

  • Parenting Styles and Decision-Making
  • Brain Development and Learning Styles
  • Taking Charge of Your Child’s Future
  • Helping Your Child Succeed in School
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Coping with Daily Stress and Frustration
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Encouraging Emotional Growth
  • Structure and Limits: Preventing and Managing Problem Behavior
  • Fostering Self-Esteem
  • Promoting Non-Violent Solutions
  • Communication Problems and Strategies
  • Dealing with Your Child’s Emerging Sexuality


To learn more about Families In Transition, contact Program Coordinator Sheana Van Dyne at [email protected] or 716-332-4136


Made possible through funding from the United Way

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