This 8-week parenting workshop series is designed for parents to learn skills and strategies on how to enhance their baby’s social, emotional and language development.

Incredible Years, an evidence-based program, is an 8-week, 2-hour program for parents of children 0 - 23 months old, designed to promote emotional and social competence and to prevent and reduce aggression and emotional problems in their children in the future. Since young children with high rates of aggressive behavioral have been shown to be at risk of developing substance abuse problems, dropping out of school, and engaging in other undesirable activities, the goal of the Incredible Years program is to reduce the occurrence of aggressive and oppositional behavior.


Short-term Outcomes:

Increased school readiness

Emotion Regulation

Social Competence

Improved parenting interactions and relationships


Long-term Outcomes:

Reduced youth school drop out

Increased academic achievement

Reduce youth conduct disorders and criminal activity

Reduce youth drug and alcohol problems


Topics Covered:

Part 1 - Getting to Know Baby

Part 2 - Babies as Intelligent Learners

Part 3 - Providing Physical, Tactile and Visual Stimulation

Part 4 - Parents Learning to Read Babies' Minds

Part 5 - Gaining Support

Part 6 - Babies Emerging Sense of Self