Parent Capacity Building

Parent/School Volunteer Training

This training includes two, 2-hour trainings that focus on building communication skills as well as promoting and modeling character in a classroom setting for school classroom volunteers. This training is a great start to orienting your parent/school volunteers to working effectively with both teacher and students in the classroom.

Training Goals: Communication

  • Describe the impact of non-verbal communication.
  • Evaluate their listening skills and identify methods to improve them.
  • Describe the differences between aggressive, submissive, and assertive communication and when to use each.
  • Develop positive peer relationships through effective communication


Training Goals: Character in the Classroom

  • Identify character traits they would like to see children (and the adults in the classroom and school) exhibit.
  • Understand the need for positive role models in the lives of students.
  • Describe what it takes to build trust with the students and teachers.
  • Identify appropriate behavior with children and other adults.


Taking Charge of Your Child’s Future

This two hour training helps parents parent of children grades PreK – 5 understand their influence and role as their child’s primary teacher to support learning inside and outside the classroom. A good prelude to the Parents as Advocates 10 hour Training series, participants will gain ideas on how to become more involved in their child’s school, as well as talk more easily with teachers and principals. It will also help parents understand the importance of helping to build their child’s literacy skills as a key foundation to school success and what they can do at home to support this. With the recent passage of the Federal legislation Every Student Succeeds Act, the presenter will also give a brief overview of the legislation and what it means for their child’s education.

Training Goals:

  • Increased number of ideas on how to support their child’s educational achievement at home and at school.
  • Improved ability to communicate with teachers and principals
  • Increased understanding of the Every Student Succeeds Act and its importance to them and their child.
  • Improved ability to find information and resources if their child’s school is not performing to state standards.
  • Increased understanding and capability to support literacy development in the home.
  • Improved confidence regarding their role in helping with/supporting a child’s homework completion.


Parents As Advocates

EPIC’s Parents as Advocates Series consists of 5, 2 hour trainings designed to help parents develop expertise in a number of areas that will enhance their ability to advocate for their children, as well as other children. Below are titles and brief descriptions

Advocacy: The Who, What, When, Why & How

This training is designed to help participants understand the importance of advocating for children, describe situations where advocating for children is vital, and to explain tools or techniques for successful child advocacy.

Forming a Winning Team

This training is designed to help participants appreciate the importance of building a working relationship with their child’s teacher through communication, cooperation and coordination. The training addresses different styles of communication and encourages parents to use assertive communication effectively

Building a Relationship with Your Child

This training is designed to the help participants understand the role that Developmental Assets play in the academic and social development of children, identify ways of supporting a child’s learning, and strategies for helping children to become more responsible.

School-Based Management and Shared Decision-Making

This training is designed to help participants understand the role that parents and teachers play in the academic life of a child, explain the concept of a school based management team and to explain how decision making models can improve shared decision making processes.

Understanding Assessments and How Schools Work

This training is designed to help participants understand NYS school assessments and the role they play in school funding and evaluation. The training also helps parents understand ways that they can enhance their child’s chances of success on these state wide examinations.The overall goal of this program is to provide parents with the skills necessary to play a crucial role in enhancing their childrens’ chances of academic success.