Parent Leadership Academy (PLA)

Empowering parents to lead your students and school to success


The importance of the Parent Leadership Academy

Research studies over the last two decades point to the significant, positive impact parental involvement can have on early learning and development, and on student achievement across the grades. Regardless of family income, education, or background, children whose parents are involved in their education are more likely to earn higher grades, have better school attendance, demonstrate better social skills, and go on to college.

How we can help you

Whether you are looking to start a parent-led program in your school, such as a PTA/ PTO (Parent Teacher Association or Organization), develop the interest of parents as new leaders, or you are looking to help your already established parent leaders elevate to the next level, EPIC can provide the training and resources to meet that need in your school. We can provide training that will increase communication and collaborative decision-making skills of parents who are or wish to serve in a leadership role within your school.

EPIC’s Parent Leadership Academy is a four-hour highly interactive workshop that is designed to increase parent’s skills in the areas of trust, communication, meeting management, and resourcefulness. Building a parent’s capacity to be meaningfully involved in leadership roles in the school and with other parents is a key task in maintaining family engagement in the school as a whole. By providing this kind of training to families who wish to volunteer and be leaders, you are ensuring that parents have an effective voice, not just a “seat at the table.” These parents can then more fully assist the school in engaging other parents to be volunteers and leaders.

Who will benefit from the Parent Leadership Academy?

  • Parents serving on your PTA/PTO
  • Parents serving on school-based committees
  • Parents who have expressed interest in getting involved


Outcomes of implementing a Parent Leadership Academy in your school

  • Builds relationship and trust between parents and school staff
  • Creates confidence and sense of capability in parents
  • Develops basic leadership skills in parents
  • Prepares parents to effectively participate and engage in meaningful home and school activities to enhance student achievement
  • Increases and strengthens parental engagement in the school and community
  • Promotes powerful engagement of parents as advocates for ALL children in their school
  • Instills competencies and learning strategies that will make parents a valued resource in helping their children and the schools they attend meet today’s challenges


Training Objectives

Participants will:

  • Exhibit trusting behaviors in a team environment and during conflict
  • Practice effective communication strategies
  • Participate effectively in school meetings
  • Advance problem-solving through an open approach to idea generation