Differentiated Family Engagement and Outreach Training

Differentiated Family Engagement (DFE) is an EPIC copyrighted framework intended to help school based management teams, afterschool/agency staff, school and district leaders, teachers and parent advocates and leaders understand the goals and strategies for family engagement at each stage including variations in strategies from elementary through high school. Strategies for engaging families takes into account a family’s ability and motivation to be involved in supporting their child’s academic success. DFE helps participants understand that a “one size fits all approach” to engaging families leaves a large majority of parents out of the picture. EPIC’s DFE program assumes families have different needs and different strategies need to be utilized to reach and engage parents at each stage. Below are the four stages parents may be in at any given time, while taking into account the grade level of their children:

  • Stage 1 - Parents who need a bridge to engagement
  • Stage 2 – Parent who are learning partners
  • Stage 3 – Parents who are advocates
  • Stage 4 – Parents who are leaders

During this two- hour training, participants will also review and analyze research based strategies to reach Stage 1 families, who are typically parents that are the hardest to reach for schools and agencies.