Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Rite Aid and are now an official KidCents charity! KidCents is a program created by The Rite Aid Foundation that allows Rite Aid customers to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate their change to help support kid-focused charities.

EPIC will now be listed as an official KidCents charity on Through KidCents, Rite Aid customers can elect to round up their Rite Aid purchases and donate their change to an official KidCents charity!

In addition to the KidsCents Rite Aid shoppers contribute, Rite Aid also makes an additional donation to EPIC.  It's a win-win for the families we support.  

Here’s how you can enroll in the KidCents program and round-up to our charity:

Rounding up and selecting a charity is easy!

As a KidCents participant, wellness+ rewards members can round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate their change to KidCents! Participants can also give their change to an approved KidCents charity.

1. Sign into your wellness+ rewards account to participate in the KidCents program. 

Sign In

Not a wellness+ rewards member? Enroll for free here.

2. After you are logged in, choose the "Select a Charity" option in the menu and pick EPIC - Every Person Influences Children to receive your change.

3. Now, next time you shop at Rite Aid and your purchase is rounded up, the change will be given to EPIC. 

4. Use your Kidcents dashboard to see how much you have given to EPIC or to change your preferences. 

5. Encourage friends and family to enroll in wellness+ rewards, join the KidCents program and round up their change for EPIC.

By rounding up, you are helping us to reach our goals by simply shopping at Rite Aid. Feel free to invite your friends and family to participate in the program. Imagine the change that your change can make!

We are looking forward to our partnership with The Rite Aid Foundation and are excited by the opportunities that KidCents brings to our organization and those we help. Thank you for your support!