Tara N. Burgess
Executive Director
Email Burgesst@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4114
CJ Banks
Director of Parenting and Youth Services
Email Banksc@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4139
Julanne Durkin
Staff Accountant
Email DurkinJ@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4123
Jennifer Majeski
Chief Financial Officer
Email Majeskij@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4122
Marvel Miller
Administrative Assistant
Email millerm@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4124
Jamie Rackl
Director of Family Engagement and Professional Development
Email RacklJ@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4140
Sandra Rivera
Executive Asssistant
Email RiveraS@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4115
Liz Vetrano
Director of Development and Marketing - EPIC - Every Person Influences Children
Email VetranoL@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4130
Juana Billy
Program Coordinator
Email Billyj@epicforchildren.org
Phone 845-352-9105
Ronald Dixon
Program Coordinator
Email DixonR@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4180
Laurie Ferris
Facilitator Coordinator
Email FerrisL@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4127
Adrienne Garr
Program Coordinator
Email GarrA@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4126
Alexis Hutsko
Program Coordinator
Email HutskoA@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4129
Nina Littlejohn
Program Coordinator
Email LittlejohnN@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4128
Emily Przylucki
Program Coordinator
Email PrzyluckiE@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 442-4141
Susanna Schenk
Family Engagement Specialist
Email Schenks@epicforchildren.org
Phone (716) 332-4100
Jane Sorensen
Program Manager
Email Sorensenj@epicforchildren.org
Phone 845-794-8830
Tonnalee Batchelor
David Lewis
Car Seat Safety Instructor
Mary Pachla
Senior Facilitator
Lekya Slaughter
Michael Williams
Ariel De La Cruz
Evelyn Bautista Miller