Tara N. Burgess
Director of Operations and Family Engagement
Email burgesst@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4114
Jennifer Majeski
VP of Finance
Email majeskij@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4122
Marvel Miller
Office Assistant
Email millerm@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4124
Shelley Richards
VP of Outreach
Email richardss@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4140
Kristin Scholz
Director of Development
Email scholzk@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4130
Madeline Gathers
Just for Teens Manager
Email gathersm@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4193
Miranda Riexinger
Families in Transition Manager
Email riexingerm@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4180
Tanika Barber
Emerence Bykowicz
Melissa Davis
Cheryl Dublin
Mary Pachla
Senior Facilitator
Sheryl Rencher
Senior Facilitator
Felicia Santiago
Lekya Slaughter
Yvette Veira
Phyllis Eig
Regional Director
Email eigp@epicforchildren.org
Phone 845-352-9105
Juana Billy
Program Coordinator
Email billyj@epicforchildren.org
Phone 845-352-9105
Jane Sorensen
Program Manager
Email sorensenj@epicforchildren.org
Phone 845-794-8830
Kathleen Kreiter
Evelyn Bautista Miller
Sherri McMahon
Accounting Assistant
Email mcmahons@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4123
Lisa O'Shei-Pittner
Family Services Manager
Email pittnerl@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4127
Nooshin Shafaei
Family Services Coordinator
Email Shafaein@epicforchildren.org
Phone 716-332-4128
Kandace Hood
Terence Askew
Alicia Hutton
Martine Swerdling