Dynamic Group Facilitation

This 7 hour interactive experientially based training targets anyone who works with adults in a group setting. It will provide an interactive and fun learning environment and give the participant the knowledge and skills they need to run any group effectively. EPIC offers this day long training at their Buffalo site and can be delivered at an agency location or other space depending on customer needs.

Training Goals:

  • Define group facilitation
  • Understand the importance of establishing guidelines to ensure group effectiveness
  • Understand the elements needed for successful groups
  • Discuss the phases of the group experience
  • Understand and analyze facilitator tasks and the qualities that contribute to group success
  • Discuss considerations for co-facilitation
  • Identify and analyze basic group work methods
  • Determine the most effective way to give group directions
  • Define and practice basic communication skills used in a group
  • Understand and practice the management of challenging participant behaviors
  • Practice how to divide participants into groups