Donor Privacy AND Rights Policy

EPIC – Every Person Influences Children depends on the generous philanthropy of its donors to help fund programs designed to achieve its mission and it is imperative that donors and perspective donors have full confidence and trust that EPIC will respect and protect their privacy.  Therefore, the Board of Directors of EPIC adopted the following Donor Privacy Policy effective Feb 2, 2018.

EPIC will not disclose the identity of its donors or the details of donor contributions of those donors wishing to remain anonymous.  Nor will it sell, trade, or share any personal information regarding its donors without prior written permission from the donor.

Donors shall have the following rights:

  • To be informed whether those seeking donations are employees of the organization, volunteers, or hired solicitors
  • If requested, to be informed how the organization intends to use unrestricted funds
  • To be given the names of EPIC’s Board of Directors and be assured of their commitment to this policy
  • If requested, to be directed  to EPIC’s financial summary
  • To receive proper acknowledgement and recognition of donations for tax purposes
  • To receive prompt, courteous, and truthful answers to all questions before or after making a donation

Information collected includes name, contact information, if provided, and donation information. The information is being used for payment processing, acknowledgements, internal marketing and evaluation of donor trends.All credit card information is processed in the finance department and is immediately destroyed after a charge is made.

If a breach in security is discovered, immediate action will be taken to shut down any further breach and all affected parties will be notified. Internal investigation will follow to find out what happened in order to avoid any future occurrences.

Donors may contact EPIC at (716) 332-4100 or [email protected] to review personal information collected, request corrections or for any information regarding protection of personal information.