About Us


Our History:

In 1977, a Buffalo woman named Linda Wilson was killed by her next-door neighbor, a teenager living in foster care. That teen had been passed through 11 different foster homes and experienced multiple types of abuse. Linda’s husband, Bob Wilson, was somehow able to choose empathy and forgiveness, despite his unbearable grief. Forty-one years ago, Bob founded EPIC- Every Person Influences Children, so no family would ever have to experience the immense loss that his family did. He envisioned a world where every child had a strong start and promising future. 


Our Vision:

A world where every child has a strong start and a promising future.


Our Mission:

Strengthening families and building community to raise children who make a positive impact in the world.


Our Values:

● We value all children and their potential to shape our future

● We value all families as the core foundation of a child’s growth and wellbeing

● We value all communities and our combined ability to educate, advocate and support children and families


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