WKBW Partners With EPIC For "Give A Book" Campaign

BUFFALO, NY – EPIC-Every Person Influences Children is honored to be the recipient of dozens of books this year, as part of the "If You Give A Book" campaign with WKBW and the Scripps Howard Foundation.  For just $5, you can help ensure that children throughout Erie and Niagara counties have access to new books of their very own. 

In a statement on their website, WKBW says "We believe giving children books can take them new places, open their imaginations, fuel big dreams, plant the seeds for future success and help break the cycle of poverty. Children who lack ongoing access to a rich selection of books spend far less time reading, resulting in lower reading proficiency and a struggle to complete high school and prepare for the world beyond. Unfortunately, many children in low-income neighborhoods lack access to the quality books they need to become competent readers." 

EPIC's Director of Family Engagement and Professional Development, Jamie Rackl, agrees. "Roughly 30% of adults in Erie County are functionally illiterate," she says, "and only 48% of children in third grade test at the proficient level for English Language Arts." 

Several higher education studies have found that when children select their own books, they are more likely to enjoy reading and score higher on comprehension tests. The Scripps Howard Foundation’s partnership with Scholastic Books ensures children get to do just that. 

To participate in the 2021 "If You Give A Book" campaign, click here. For additional information, please email EPIC's Director of Development and Marketing, Liz Vetrano.