EPIC Receives Grant from Wegmans

EPIC Receives $6,360 for Nutritional Program for Parents from Wegmans


Buffalo, NY - June 22, 2017, EPIC – Every Person Influences Children, Inc. recently received a $6,360 grant from Wegmans to continue providing nutritional education as part of its parenting curriculum for parents and families enrolled in its Families in Transition program (FIT) and Just for Teens (JFT) program. This is the third consecutive year that Wegmans has supported this effort. Thanks to the support of Wegmans, throughout the next year, 350 families will participate in EPIC programming that addresses food safety and healthy eating.


We know that it’s sometimes challenging to plan, shop for, and cook healthy meals under the best of circumstances. For high-risk parents, this can be a huge task. Wegmans is proud to support the work of EPIC, in its nutritional and parenting skills programming.  Michele Mehaffy, Buffalo Consumer Affairs Manager for Wegmans Food Markets


The nutrition and food safety programming will benefit the participants of these EPIC workshops:


  1. Families in Transition (FIT) - high-risk parents challenged with many issues related to mental health, substance abuse, re-entry, domestic violence and child custody. These parents when surveyed identified nutritional and food safety as their greatest need. The participants for this program are referred primarily by the courts and social service agencies.
  2. Just for Teens/Just for Me - The Just for Teens program provides parenting and life skills and character development for pregnant and parenting teens. The Just for Me program is a teens skills program focused on enhancing the skills and confidence of at-risk teens as individuals. The participants for this program are from various Buffalo Public High Schools and from after-school programs such as the Buffalo Urban League.
  3. Ready, Set, Parent program - This program is designed for parents who want additional information on various topics that focus on effective parenting in today’s world. The participants for this program come from various community based organizations.


To learn more about EPIC and its parenting programs, please call 716-332-4130 or email [email protected]