Parenting is hard. EPIC can help. 

Through the online learning platform of Thinkific, parents and caregivers can access courses on their own time, at their own pace. Topics include:

Balancing Work and Family Life
Brain Development and Learning Styles
Children Need Families
Communication Problems and Strategies
Communication Skills for Fathers
Coping with Daily Stress and Frustrations
Dealing with Crisis and Trauma
Dealing with Your Child’s Emerging Sexuality
Developing Respect and Caring in Young Children
Encouraging Emotional Growth
Establishing Routines
Fostering Self-Esteem
Fostering Self-Esteem
Growing Up is Hard Work
Guiding Your Child’s Behavior
Helping Your Child Succeed in School
Helping Your Child to Cope
Just for Teens
Knowing Yourself as a Parent
Learning through Play
Learning to Talk
Making, Breaking, and Revising Rules
Parenting Styles and Decision Making
Pathways to Parenting
Peer Groups and Friendships
Promoting Literacy in Your Child
Promoting Non-Violent Solutions
Ready, Set, Read!
Resolving Conflict
Right vs. Wrong: Character Development
Setting Limits
Sibling Rivalry
Single Parenting
Structure and Limits
Structure and Limits: Preventing and Managing Problem Behavior
Substance Abuse Prevention
Tuning Into Your Child
Who Am I; Identify and Independence

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