Storytime at Canalside: 2021 Supply List

Check back here every Monday for the upcoming week's supplies!

Upcoming Weeks:

July 14: stick about 12-inches long, colorful yarn or string, 2 jingle bells (large or small), scissors, flashlight, looking glass, sheet of black paper, circles cut in various sizes and colors, chalk


Previous Weeks:

June 23: Corn seeds, Pea seeds, Dirt, 2 Dixie cups, 1 Ziplock baggie, Blue cardstock or construction paper, Green and yellow streamers, Green yarn, Cut outs of a sun, corn, pea pods, and pumpkins


June 30

For STEM: Scratch art foam or produce tray, 2 sheets light colored construction paper, foam brush, small bottle tempera paint, blunt stick or pencil

For Play: pre cut stars and crayons

For Art: Brown, yellow and black paper, Scissors, Glue, Crayons or Markers, Googly Eyes (optional), Bear Templates (optional)


July 7

For STEM: Cucumber (small salad type is fine), paper plate, plastic knife, salt packet, sugar packet. Optional zucchini for cucumber allergies.

For Play: cheerios

For Art: 1 sock (preferably an adult size, the more colorful the better!), glue, fabric scraps, yarn, pompoms, other decorative tidbits