State Farm Continues To Support EPIC's Car Seat Safety Program

BUFFALO, NY – EPIC - Every Person Influences Children is thrilled to announce that it has received $20,000 from State Farm to support EPIC’s ongoing Car Seat Safety program. This donation will fund various EPIC car seat safety events in 2020, including car seat safety class, a car seat safety checking station, the replacement of any damaged, recalled or expired car seats, as well as the distribution of car seats to those who don’t have one for their child(ren).  

“Our goal at State Farm is to help create safer, stronger, better educated communities,” said State Farm Public Affairs Specialist Jennifer Young.  

Over the years, EPIC has witnessed the incredible need for safe car seats and car seat education for our most vulnerable parents. Many local parents are economically disadvantaged and cannot afford a safe car seat, often purchasing one from Craigslist, at a garage sale, or pulled from a dumpster. Some parents with whom EPIC works come from other countries and are unaware of local laws, the importance of using a car seat and how to correctly install them. 

“Possessing the appropriate car seat for your child and correctly installing it can save your child’s life in a car accident,” says Tara N. Burgess, EPIC’s Executive Director. “EPIC believes that safety is an important component of raising children to be responsible and successful adults.”  

Thanks to the generosity of State Farm, EPIC will be able to help many families in the community by not only providing them with new and safe car seats, but also with the education they need to make sure that they are installing the seats correctly and using them the right way every time.  

For more information about EPIC and its car seat program, please visit our Car Seat Safety Page, contact CJ Banks, Director of Parenting and Youth Services at 716-332-4139 or Ron Dixon, Program Coordinator at 716-332-4180.