Giving Tuesday 2020


Welcome to Giving Tuesday 2020!

We're bringing you tips and tricks throughout the day for parenting, family engagement, at-home activities and self care, and it will all be linked here and on our Facebook Fundraiser page. Check back here every hour as we update! 

6am: Ways To Donate

7am Tips: Characteristics of an Effective Parent

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• You feed them. Ideally, a balanced amount of proteins, carbs and fats, or trying to hit the main food groups of meat/poultry/fish; vegetables; fruits; dairy; breads. A child's brain and body can't function in the morning without food, so if the pandemic has altered your ability to provide meals for your family, we’ve got a list of resources available on the PARENTING DOESN’T STOP page of our website, under the public services tab.
• You house them. Children need a place to call home - someplace that is clean and safe. They also need a space to call their own. It doesn't have to be big, but they need to feel it is theirs and they can help by keeping it clean.
• You clothe them. fit the season- are they warm enough, and be clean. Clothing is also a point of pride for children - when they feel they look good - they feel good. I personally feel this deeply as the parent of a strong willed six year old who is very committed to her fashion choices- but at the end of the day, getting dressed can be something that is a lot of fun for your child.
• You keep them safe. Although the world can be dangerous from far away and possibly up close, you can still help your child feel safe. Reassure your children that you will do all that you can to keep them safe and that they can always tell you if they feel unsafe or afraid.
• You listen to them. There is nothing more powerful than your ear! Listening is a form of respect. Listen to your children consistently and you can gain their respect and teach them a powerful lesson.
• Medical Care- It is very important to provide your child with routine and emergency medical care, including dental care. If you do not personally have insurance, you can still probably get your children covered. (Consider having state information on health insurance available. We’ve got information on that on our parenting doesn’t stop page as well.
• And lastly.. School. I know this one carries more weight since so many of you have taken on the role of teacher, as well as parent. Ultimately, demonstrating interest in their education and supporting their learning is the best thing you can do. Learning common core math or citing resources in a paper is great, and also won’t hold a candle to you being genuinely curious about what your child did at school that day, even if school is through a computer at the kitchen table.


8am Tip: Literacy is Everywhere

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9am Activity: Make Your Own Mask


10am Tip: When Literacy Starts

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11am Tip: Travel Activities

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Avoid the "are we there yet"s with these simple activities:


12pm Tip: Making Grocery Shopping a Literacy Activity

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1pm Tip: Hassle-Free Shopping with Children

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2pm Tip: Learning through Play

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3pm Tip: Families in Transition

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4pm Tip: Learning to Read vs. Reading to Learn

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5pm Tip: An EPIC Family Dinner

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6pm Tip: Read the Best Bedtime Stories Ever

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7pm Tip: Calming Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Glitter Jars

Rainstorm in a Jar

Origami Boats and Tulips

Layers of Sound Meditation

Storytime: Breathing Makes It Better


8pm Tip: Bedtime Stories


9pm Tip: Checking In On YOU