EPIC Receives Two Grants to Support Parenting Classes

December 7, 2017, Buffalo – EPIC – Every Person Influences Children recently received two grants that will allow the organization to expand its programs and assist more families through parenting education. The J.M McDonald Foundation, based out of Colorado, awarded EPIC $10,000 and the Peter C. Cornell Trust, through the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, gave $19,126. Both are long-time supporters of EPIC.


When EPIC began, it provided parenting programs throughout the WNY community to parents of all ethnicities, backgrounds and economic status. Over the years, funding for EPIC parenting programs shifted to focusing on the neediest of parents – those dealing with trauma-related issues, drug and alcohol dependency and mental health diagnoses. So rather than being able to take a proactive, preventative approach, EPIC’s parenting classes, which are currently mandated, are looked towards and depended upon to fix the problem.


There are still many parents that do not have the issues stated previously, but still struggle with basic parenting. These parents are seeking help and lacking parenting resources. Without that help, they are at risk of eventually becoming a parent who is mandated to take parenting classes (after an incident has occurred that puts their child(ren) in harm’s way). Because of staff capacity, many of these requests are turned away. The funding that the J.M. McDonald Foundation and the Peter C. Cornell Trust will be providing will allow EPIC to grow its program to help more parents throughout the Western New York Community. EPIC will be offering more classes throughout the year, at its 1000 Main St. facility, as well as identified schools and/or community centers throughout Erie and Niagara County where the need is significant.


EPIC features intensive parenting programs with a highly effective delivery model that is complemented with supportive services. The sessions are interactive, engaging and led by a trained and certified facilitator. Groups are no larger than 20 people. Group discussions, which are confidential, focus on a variety of topics such as:


  • Balancing Work and Family Life
  • Brain Development and Learning Styles
  • Character, Conscience, and Values
  • Communicating with Teachers
  • Coping with Daily Stress & Frustrations
  • Developing Respect and Caring in Young Children
  • Encouraging Emotional Growth
  • Fostering Self-esteem
  • Helping Your Child Succeed in School
  • Helping Your Child to Cope
  • Knowing Yourself as a Parent
  • Learning through Play
  • Listening and Responding to Children
  • Parenting Styles and Decision Making
  • Preventing and Managing Problem Behavior
  • Promoting Literacy in Your Child
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Building Independence
  • Structure and Limits
  • Tuning in to Your Child
  • Using Television Wisely


“Receiving these grants allows EPIC to expand its programs for ALL parents and serve more families throughout the Western New York. We are excited to deliver these requested programs to the families in our community” Michelle Urbanczyk, EPIC President.


To learn more about EPIC, its parenting classes and other programs, please visit www.epciforchildren.org, or call 716-332-4130.