EPIC Receives TEGNA grant for Internet & Social Media Safety Program

June 14, 2017, Buffalo, NY - EPIC – Every Person Influences Children is pleased to announce that it has received a $2,500 grant from the TEGNA Foundation in support of its Internet & Social Media Safety program. In 2016, EPIC created this program in response to the growing concerns expressed by parents, teachers, and social workers worrying about Apps, instant messaging, online gaming, chat rooms, texts, emails and social networking sites that can cause unexpected trouble and anxiety, such as cyberbullying, exposure to sexual predators and misuse of social media. There are many dangers which have led to higher levels of teens experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, increased drug or alcohol use, cutting-physical harm such as suicide attempts and suicide.


Today, technology is coming fast, parents and teens do not have the right knowledge. Schools and communities are not having the conversations to assist in helping our families make informed decisions.


EPIC’s Internet & Social Media Safety program can be tailored for students and/or parents. Each workshop is 60-90 minutes in length with time for questions and answers. The workshops are designed for small groups, up to 60 participants, but can be tailored to larger groups as well. EPIC facilitates dialogue and provides information as well as additional resources to teens and/or their parents.


The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Improve understanding of general online rules, overview and social media safety
  • Increase parental and child confidence that they are acting to protect the child from harm
  • Increased skill in identifying and reporting concerns to appropriate authorities
  • Improve understanding of where to find other resources available from ISPs, law enforcement and other sources
  • Improve parents' ability to talk to their child about online expectations and techniques for monitoring their child's digital spaces
  • Improve a child's ability to use the Internet effectively, how to talk to their friends about privacy and what you need to know to be safe


Last year, EPIC launched its Internet & Social Media Safety workshop, presenting to the following schools:


Gloria Parks

East Aurora School District

Hoover Elementary

East High School (twice)

South Park High School

I-Prep High School (twice)

Niagara Falls High School


The workshops were very successful, and a number of schools and community centers have requested the program; however, due to capacity and funding, there is a waiting list to be served.


Thanks to the TEGNA Foundation, EPIC will be able to conduct 4 (four) workshops, and serve at least 240 students and/or parents. The Tegna Foundation supports local non-profits in communities served by TEGNA Inc.  WGRZ Ch. 2 On Your Side is a part of the TEGNA family.  TEGNA Community Action grant priorities include education and neighborhood improvement, economic development, youth development, community problem solving, assistance to disadvantaged people, environmental conservation and cultural enrichment.  For more information on TEGNA Foundation www.tegnafoundation.org


For more information, visit www.epicforchildrn.org or call 716-332-4130.