EPIC Receives Funding from Niagara Area Foundation

EPIC - Every Person Influences Children is pleased to announce that it was awarded $4,572.40 from the Niagara Area Foundation to provide continued programming to the residents at Carolyn’s House.

In 2017, through funding from the Niagara Area Foundation, EPIC began providing one-on-one parent coaching to the high-risk mothers living at Carolyn’s House. Carolyn’s House is a supportive housing program for homeless women and children in Niagara Falls who have experienced unimaginable trauma. In most cases, the trauma these families have experienced include drug abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. Helping these families who have suffered such trauma starts with helping the mother; therefore, EPIC started offering one-on-one parent coaching to the mothers, helping them maintain custody of their children and providing them with information, guidance and resources they need to raise their children in a healthy, safe, positive environment.

In working with these families EPIC saw that they had experienced trauma and negativity, and sadly had not had the chance to bond in a positive manner. Mothers residing in Carolyn’s House are trying to rebuild their lives. Their focus is on survival skills and eventual self-sufficiency. There is little time and money, as well as lack of transportation, for family bonding and in some cases the mother doesn’t know how to bond with her children.

EPIC plans to continue to provide one-on-one parent coaching. To enhance this program and to promote and encourage a positive, healthy relationship between the mothers and their children, EPIC will use the funding provided by the Niagara Area Foundation to add four family bonding events in 2018. The themes of these events will include healthy cooking and nutrition in collaboration with the Cornell Cooperative Extension; the joy of music and dance; love of animals and nature (with a visit from the Buffalo Zoomobile); and car seat safety that will include a class, a car seat safety checking station, and the replacement of any damaged, recalled or expired car seats, as well as the distribution of car seats to those who don’t even have one for their child(ren).

For more information about this program, please contact Lisa O’Shei-Pittner at 716-332-4127 or email [email protected]. For more information about EPIC, please visit www.epicforchildren.org.