EPIC Facilitator Training in Washington State

Buffalo, NY, July 6, 2017 - Recently EPIC – Every Person Influences Children was hired by the Bellevue School District #405 in Bellevue, Washington to conduct its two-day Parenting Facilitator Training. EPIC’s Parenting Facilitator Training prepares individuals to facilitate EPIC’s parenting workshops, which includes curriculum in Parenting Infants and Toddlers, Parenting Young Children, and Parenting Young Adolescents. For this 2-day program, which took place on June 22 and 23, eleven Family Services Specialists (FSS) representing three elementary and middle school in the Bellevue School District participated.


The supervisor for the Bellevue School District, Kristin McChesney, attended and participated on both days, indicating a strong commitment and support for both the staff and for EPIC. Initially, there was a feeling of “do I really want to be here?” for yet another day or two of training. Despite the participants’ busy end-of-year schedule, with Kristin’s support and encouragement and the EPIC curriculum and training model, sentiment about the program turned around. Some quotes in the end-of-training evaluations included:


I am really glad I went to this training even though we are super busy. Coming to this training helped me focus for the next school year. Being able to discuss with other FSS staff was the best and crucial because we work at our own building and hardly have time to bond and discuss how this training will help.”


“Trainer was very clear, a good listener, interpreted our feelings, doubts, needs in a very understanding way.”


“Great training. Left me excited to get going.”


“I discovered that it is not as difficult as I imagine it to be with the help of this guide.”


“Thank you very much for coming and teaching me how I can engage with families in my school to their benefit”.


Participants of the EPIC Facilitator Training learned how to:


  • facilitate EPIC parenting workshops according to EPIC’s workshop model
  • organize group activities
  • keep the group flowing smoothly
  • handle challenging participants
  • be an effective communicator
  • lead stimulating discussions with confidence
  • help parents find their own answers

For more information about EPIC's Parenting Facilitator Training, as well as its other programs, please visit www.EPICforChildren.org or call 716-332-4130.