EPIC Awarded $27,000 For "Ready, Set, Read!" Program

BUFFALO, NY – EPIC-Every Person Influences Children has been awarded $27,000 from the Brady Corporation Foundation. The funding supports EPIC's Ready, Set, Read! program, as the Foundation has a strong tradition of supporting educational programming.
"The work EPIC is doing to promote literacy among children and their families in Erie County is an excellent mission fit for the Brady Foundation," said Tim Smith, Brady General Manager and member of the Brady Foundation Board of Directors. "We are pleased to support their work and to make a positive impact on the lives of these families."
"We are so appreciative of the support from the Brady Foundation," says Tara N. Burgess, EPIC's Executive Director. "This allows us to provide six series of Ready, Set, Read! in Erie County, which means so many families will now have literacy support that otherwise would not exist."
Ready, Set, Read! takes a family approach to literacy, with skills for both parents and children. Topics include brain development, learning styles, phonemic awareness, understanding how children learn to read, learning through play and daily life, and helping your child succeed in school, among others.
"Literacy has become an enormous worry for parents, especially in the past year," says Jamie Rackl, EPIC's Director of Family Engagement and Professional Development. "In this series, families learn together about the best approach for them, so reading can be an enjoyable activity for the family to do together, and not a chore."
RSR! is free to families and offered remotely through an online learning management system, Thinkific, in-person at EPIC, or as a hybrid. Participants of RSR! receive literacy packs and other tools to help support their children's literacy skills development so that they grow to be successful and responsible adults with a love for reading.
"To have this support from the Brady Foundation means we can support community education at the time families need it most," says Burgess. "We are so thankful for their steadfast commitment to educational programming and strengthening communities."
Rackl agrees, adding, "This program is essential to supporting children in both learning to read and reading to learn. This partnership with the Brady Foundation allows us to continue serving and supporting families, just as we have for the past 40 years."
For additional information, please email EPIC's Director of Development and Marketing, Liz Vetrano.
EPIC- Every Person Influences Children is a non-profit agency with the mission of helping families, schools, and communities raise children to become responsible and successful adults. EPIC workshops and trainings carry out founder Robert Wilson’s vision by involving the entire community in helping children make responsible decisions, understand and respect authority, develop positive self-esteem, plan for the future, and succeed in life.
The Brady Foundation supports organizations that inspire Brady Corporation employees in the communities where they live and work.Grants support projects and programs that align with the Brady values of unlocking potential, protecting our future and differentiating through innovation, and focus on one of three key funding priorities: developing leadership, strengthening communities and educational programming. Visit https://www.bradyid.com/corporate/social-responsibility to learn more.