And We're Live! EPIC Launches YouTube Channel

EPIC- Every Person Influences Children has launched a YouTube channel for families to utilize during quarantine. 

"We are asking so much of parents right now," says Tara N. Burgess, Executive Director. "If EPIC can alleviate any stress for them, we want to do so."

The channel features a variety of educational content as part of EPIC Academy, a comprehensive set of activities ranging from STEM topics to literacy, art, nature, health and wellness. It also is the start of a podcast-style series, "Kitchen Table Talks", designed to connect with community experts on varying topics.
"When you think about it, the kitchen truly is the heart of a home," says Burgess, "the gathering place at a party, potentially where our families see the most conversation and engagement. We wanted to take that one step further and create a series of conversations based on connection, as a way to unite our community during this time, while also offering the credible resources our families need."
The series begins with "Covid Conversations", where local pediatricians, psychologists and more weigh in on different virus-related issues facing families today. Parents can tune in for advice on how to talk with their children about the virus, as well as gain insight into behavioral techniques and positive discipline strategies.
During the pandemic, EPIC has shifted to an primarily virtual model, offering the majority of its programs online. Their "Parenting Doesn't Stop Project" not only includes virtual programming, EPIC Academy and the Covid Conversations, but also includes a Family Support Line open to all families needing anything during the pandemic. They have also created an extensive Coronavirus Resource page to provide updates on public services, health, employment and education.
"In times like this, it is more important that ever that we continue to provide resources and support to our families," says Burgess. "By offering such a wide range of opportunities and services, we are truly there for them 24/7."