A Message From EPIC: Black Lives Matter


Dear Families, Partners and Community Members,

EPIC ‘s vision is a world where every child has a strong start and a promising future.  It is hard to see that future in a world where people are disproportionately targeted simply because of the color of their skin.  As a nation we must commit to the hard work of making systemic changes, so that families can raise their children without fear of racism and discrimination.  The anger, frustration and exhaustion are palpable and we must find ways to channel that into constructive resolution to this centuries-old problem. 

Racism and discrimination affects the health and well-being of families. The lack of equity in health care, education, and employment directly impacts a family's ability to raise their children.  Inequitable justice prevents families from thriving together.  As an organization that supports families in raising children, we know that the trauma associated with these inequities has a significant impact on the entire community.  We must do better. 

We do not have all of the answers but we will take action to be part of the solution.  We stand united in opposition to racism, discrimination, and violence against any segment of our community. Injustice for one, is injustice for all.  While the nation reflects on America’s history and the significance of Juneteenth, we must listen, learn and be open to change in order to support one another in raising children.  If there is something EPIC can do to support you, your family or the community, please let us know. On behalf of the Board and staff of EPIC, we look forward to working together to make a difference.

Best Regards,


Tara N. Burgess                                                                      Pamela Johnson                                                      

Executive Director                                                                  Board Chair