Welcome to our kitchen table. 


We've all heard the expression, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's the gathering place at any party, the place families often have their most memorable conversations. That's why we created "Kitchen Table Talks": a series designed to connect our community and provide relevant, credible content to our participants, parents and families everywhere. 

As the series progresses, we'll be offering a multitude of topics and collaborate with a variety of local experts. To kick off, we are bringing you "Covid Conversations", designed to help families navigate the pandemic. We'll be covering communication, behavioral strategies, positive discipline techniques, general safety and more. 

We're also proud to feature "Parenting on Pause", where we provide self-care resources for parents. We know how much you are juggling right now, and we also know you can't pour from an empty cup- so take a minute, a deep breath and know we are here for you. 

As this is EPIC's 40th anniversary year, we also started a series of conversations with people who have made an impact to our organization over the years, as well as a compilation of program highlights that show how our offerings have evolved over the years. 

In a nod to our anniversary year, we are focusing on fatherhood, since it is due to one father's love and forgiveness that EPIC is here today. Our series with Dr. James Banks, where he discusses fatherhood engagement and support for dads, is up on our channel as well. 

See you back here soon, as we bring more to the kitchen table.