EPIC Academy: Health and Wellness


Scroll through this page for at-home health and wellness activities, or check out our YouTube channel for the full videos!


For our Bodies:

     How To Make An Obstacle Course

Awesome Indoor Activities for Kids

Socially-Distant Buffalo Bike Rides 

The ABC's of Exercise (video!)

In the Garden (a guessing game with yoga poses)

The Daily Dozen (a quick full-body workout for kids)

Exercising with Kids

Summer Adventure Exercises


For Our Brains:

Yoga Video: It's Okay to Feel My Feelings

Yoga Video: I Deserve to Be Safe 

Yoga Video: You Are A Lion!

Making Glitter Jars

Storytime: I'm Calm

Storytime: My Strong Mind

Positive Affirmations.. coming soon!


For Our Bellies:

30 Easy Recipes Kids Can Make on Their Own!

Fruit Palm Trees

Peanut Butter Cookies!

Guac and Roll! Cooking with Jamie

Zucchini Pasta

(Psssst, parents- for more health and wellness content for YOU, head over to our Parenting on Pause page!)