Academic Support Training for Parents


Understanding Common Core

This two-hour training for parents of children grades Pre-K-12 will help parents understand the basics of what the Common Core learning Standards mean and how they will impact what your child experiences in the classroom. The training will also provide tips for supporting learning in the home and communication strategies with your child’s teacher. The parents will receive handouts which provide resources for them in print as well as helpful websites they can visit.

  • Describe how the Common Core Learning Standards impact  learning
  • Explain key learning shifts in English Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Explore at home learning activities that you can do to support your children's learning
  • Discuss methods for building stronger relationships with your children's teacher
  • Review tips to help your children plan for college and career


The Journey to College and Career Begins Today

This one or two hour training targets parents and/or children grades 8-12 and intends to “plant the seeds” of hope and expectation that a college education is within their reach. Early planning and preparation are important elements to make college happen! The content focuses on the basics of how to get from high school to a college or technical school, including how a parent can create the expectation for achievement and help their child set a goal to attend college or advanced study.  Participants will learn about the common application process, getting your resume ready, explore college planning websites and how to search for schools that might interest to them. Also, with the recent passage of the Federal legislation Every Student Succeeds Act, the presenter will also give a brief overview of the legislation and what it means for their child’s education.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize their changing role in supporting their child’s academic success now, and in the future
  • Describe high school graduation requirements as well as supports available to parents and their child
  • Understand the basics of exploring colleges and their offerings and the application process