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Ready, Set, Parent! is a unique program that can be easily implemented in any community with training, support, and technical assistance from EPIC.


Ready, Set, Parent! helps adults become good parents and prepares children to become learners.


Imagine a community where parents are supported in their efforts to be the best they can be, right from the start!

About Ready, Set, Parent!

Imagine a community where parents are supported in their efforts to be the best they can be, right from the start!

Ready, Set, Parent! is a research-based parent education program developed to make parenting a positive experience and prepare children for school success by targeting three key areas: parenting skills, health and wellness, and literacy/language development.

The program has three components - The Room Visit, The Newborn Class, and The Community Workshop Series.  It is designed with flexibility, so that parents can participate in all three components or any combination, and still achieve program benefits!

The Room Visit

New parents are visited in their hospital room within 48 hours of their child's birth to help orient them to their new roles. They are invited to an in-hospital newborn class to prepare them for the first few months at home with their new infant.

The Newborn Class

The one-hour Newborn Class occurs right on the maternity floor. It includes these and other topics:

  • What to expect in the first few weeks
  • All about crying
  • Recognizing postpartum depression
  • Shaken baby syndrome
  • Beginning literacy

The Community Workshop Series

Parents can also attend an eight- or ten-week Ready, Set, Parent! workshop series about parenting infants and toddlers (birth to age three). The two-hour sessions are led by trained facilitators and connect in-depth parenting information with support from other parents. 

Two of the workshops are Dr. Talks, where parents can ask specific questions and get detailed answers from a local pediatric professional.

Community Workshop topics include:

  • Tuning In to Your Baby
  • Establishing Routines
  • Coping with Stress/ Helping Your Child to Cope
  • Learning through Play
  • Setting Limits 
  • Promoting Literacy

Ready, Set, Parent! is a collaboration between EPIC and Baker Victory Services, both headquartered in Buffalo, New York.

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  This program is funded in part by the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County.


The Ready, Set, Parent! Workshop is irreplaceable and should be highly recommended to parents by all hospitals and pediatricians.~Parent

Because of the lessons learned in Ready, Set, Parent!, we have become much more settled and confident in raising our beautiful baby boy.~Parent